16 February 2010

Resort World Sentosa

WOOT! Decided to go visit RWSentosa today!

Before going out, bought TOTO for SC. Hahaha. Hope one of the ticket win la. Of course my Sys7 ticket win better la. So expensive leh.

Of course, stomach more important. Went to Kushiya @ VivoCity to makan!

Tabe :D
Yaki Mono (should be this hiragana :D too long never use jap liao.)

The food overall wasn't too bad. The curry wasn't really what i expected. The swordfish was kinda too soft, doesn't give the cold juicy sweet feeling like the one in Hotel Furama.
Damage: $80

Took Monorail to RWSentosa. Alighted at the first station. Walked down and saw this really big big water fountain with water jets SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT~

However, i only draw out my LX3 @ Hotel Michael

Here comes the CASINO!

This shop (SWAROVSKI) was so glittering so i decided to take a shot.

Staircase to Spa Republic

The area inside the hotel. Cool.

Paintings on the wall inside one of the hotels.

Interesting painting.

Way to Crockfords Tower, Hotel Michael, Festive Walk

The lighting outside.

千灯迎春 13 Feb - 21 Feb (7pm - 10.30pm)

Many people taking pictures of Merlion.

Popcorn and Cotton Candy

Zodiac (DOG)

Near Near Merlion!

Zodiac (SNAKE)

Blue lights at one of the spot in Sentosa.

Year of TIGER!

Walking out of SENTOSA.


The place to buy tickets nearby, but cannot buy yet.

Reese's Bear Bear

The ATMs outside UNIVERSAL STUDIO. There's DBS Bank there!

The Entrance!

Resort World Gift Shop and 7 Eleven

Going to take train and saw this signboard. MIGHT BE USEFUL!

Alright, lastly, went to catch True Legend @ Cathay!